No one can control their fans, really

Another argument about criticism blew up between players and casters. The crux is that they believe there should either be less criticism or less mockery of players. This is because anti-fans/haters bombard players with hate messages all the time and after the 20000th one or however many it is, players snap. Especially if they themselves aren’t playing well and they know it. It goes the other way around too as a popular player can criticize an analyst or another player and they, in turn, get bombarded by infinite hate mail.

I think the problem here is that players think casters/analysts galvanize the public into thinking a certain way and thus allow or in some way approve this kind of behavior. In actuality, they are doing their job which is to give their opinion, analyze players/teams and entertain the audience. The essential problem comes from fan culture itself which idolizes and pedestalizes stars to the point where they are no longer human, so they think it’s completely fine to bombard people with hate messages which vary from you suck messages to death threats.

I don’t know how you change that kind of fan mentality, I don’t know if anyone does. For me that is the root of the problem, fans just can’t be controlled.

As an aside, I think it’s fine for anyone to say what they want within certain bounds so long as they aren’t trying to get someone fired from their job, injured or killed. (There’s probably more, but those are the most common ones I can think of.)

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