Talespin leaves EnVyUs

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Today Talespin left EnVyUs. The move is surprising as they are in the middle of a tournament at OGN. He left citing a lack of happiness and some team issues. The problem I see here is timing as it left the rest of the team in the lurch and their chances of making something happen with an ad-hoc sub is much lower now.  It doesn’t seem like he’s in a hurry to find a new team, so he could have held off just for however long the OGN APEX tournament could have gone on and left on a better note.

I understand the frustration and rage that comes from being the only person who feels like they’re doing the most work and not getting the same kind of reciprocation from the rest of the team. Well, it’s hard to say much more without any more information. I feel waiting until the tournament ended would have been better as there would be less hard feelings between all players as there is a chance the players may have to work together in the future.

Well live and learn.


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