KT Rolster enters new sponsorship with glasses company

The professional gaming team KT Rolster has entered a new sponsorship with Mtoc Networks, a glasses company that specializes in eye protection, writes OSEN’s Shin Yeon-jae

The announcement was made on Monday, and Mtoc Networks will be an official sponsor with the ability to launch their marketing with KT Rolster. The company will be providing protection glasses to the KT players that are designed to prevent damage from blue lights and other vision damaging side effects that come from looking at screens.

The announcement further specified that both KT and Mtoc will be part of “joint marketing” programs, which include doing giveaways to fans of the KT Rolsters. It’ll also be interesting to see if the players of KT will show up in the 2017 spring split all sporting glasses from Mtoc as part of their sponsorship, as that kind of relationship with sponsors is common in Korea.

Mtoc’s “Screen Glasses” use a polycarbonate screen lens, and it is also the first company in Korea to have an FDA approval.


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