SKT promo giveaway includes Faker action figures

The Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom is doing a promotion that will have 100 lucky fans receive a “3D Figure” of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

The announcement was made Thursday and will be for customers who buy SKT exclusive phones with the winners of various prizes be drawn from a random draw, writes Asia Economy’s Ahn Ha-neul.

The giveaway will include 100 3D Faker figures, 400 phone cases featuring the players of SK Telecom T1, and 600 mousepads that will also feature the players. Customers can check their winnings of the prizes on the Dec. 8.

Apart from this promo, SKT has also given away encouraging messages fro the pros themselves for the Korean students who have recently taken their college entry exams on Thursday.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games

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