Dade leaves Newbee

Korean mid laner Bae “Dade” Eo-jin has left the League of Legends Pro League team Newbee.

On his Facebook, Dade left a short message regarding his departure and future endeavors for fans.

“Hello, this is Dade,” he wrote. “I’m making this post for those of you who are curious of my current situation. My contract with Newbee has come to an end. There have been talks about the team having a lot of trouble, but I am most regretful that I was unable to show my full potential. Nothing is set in stone for my immediate future, but I am still thinking about what I should do. I guess this isn’t really an update since I didn’t really do anything. I guess there could be another opportunity in future.”

Dade is yet another Korean pro player to leave the LPL, with the most recent departure being EDward Gaming’s AD Carry Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu.

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