ROX team disbands, Smeb Pray and Gorilla leave

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‘Chiu on this’ is a regular and short opinion blast.

I’m a petty person. One of the first books I remember reading is the Count of Monte Cristo. My favorite character from Othello is Iago. So since no one else wanted to be petty, I was going to be.

Jacob Wolf wrote an article stating that the ROX Tigers were disbanding after worlds. Here is ROX’s statement about the report:

“We are disappointed that ESPN chose to go ahead and publish the piece when it establishes nothing newsworthy and is purely speculative, especially given the timing and the ignorance of our team by the reporter. We question who the “sources close to its players and the organization“ might be since our representatives, manager, and players are all surprised to hear of this supposed agreement to disband following Worlds.”

Let’s go through this one by one. The best team of the year in League breaking up is newsworthy. It was in fact not speculative as multiple players are leaving the org. Sources are supposed to remain anonymous for a reason.

The funniest part is reading some of the reactions to him being right. The report had no integrity. What has less integrity, reporting a roster move or throwing the entire community’s hatred against a person for telling the truth?

In the future, teams and players can just say No Comment instead of lying.


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