Pheonix 1’s support Fixer looking for new team

Former member of KT Rolster Jeong “Fixer” Jae-woo is looking for a new team for the 2017 season.

The Korean import wrote on his twitter Monday that he was looking for a new team to play for, although his contract with Phoenix 1 has yet to be finished.

“Hello, this is Phoenix 1’s support Jeong Jae-woo,” he wrote. “Although I have some time left on my contract, due to some internal circumstances, I am looking for a new team. I have spoken with the owner and he has said that there will be no issues regarding my roster move, so please send me any details via direct message or email. Thank you.”

Fixer has been a member of Phoenix 1 since the 2016 season since his departure from KT Rolster in December of 2015.

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