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Ssumday shares goodbye note on twitter

Following the announcement of his free agency, KT Rolster’s star top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho left a long good bye letter for his old team and fans on twitter. Below is a translation of his note.

“Hello, this is KT Rolster’s former top lane, Ssumday Kim Chan-ho. First, I’m sorry that this isn’t good news that I’m sharing. Currently I am looking for a new team as my contract with KT came to an end.

“The above part is just the main points, and below will be a collection of small things I’d like to say. I intended it to be short, but it kind of got long as I wrote it out, so if you’re busy, you can just read the above part!

“To head coach Lee Ji-hoon, who took in a 17-year-old child and made me into a respectable person p.s. Live life like Papa-hoon!

“To coach Oh Chang-jong, who worked harder than anyone else and gave me a lot of advice to help me in life p.s. I thank you for raising me as a player.

“To coach Kim Hwan, who tried really hard to treat me like a friend and look after the whole team p.s. You should find your other half soon.

“To coach Kim Sun-mook, who I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with but worked really hard p.s. I heard you became a husband! Congrats!

“To manager Lee Ji-yeon, who moved to a different part of the company but still made the team fun p.s. I still remember the time we bought a pillow.

“To assistant manager Choi Seung, who I was told moved to a different part of the company but still came over to cheer once in a while p.s. Thank you for your support!

“To assistant manager Lee Won-min, who worked hard and helped out a lot outside the game p.s. I heard you’re getting married soon and I’d love to go!

“To the gentle and cool team manager Shin Gi-hyeok, who always asked the team if anything was uncomfortable p.s. Thank you so much!

“To general manager Im Jong-taek, who always was interested in the team and tried to treat us well p.s. Congratulations on your promotion to general manager of the professional baseball team KT Wiz!

“And to all those who I failed to mention, I want to thank you all as well. I’m not good at expressing myself, so I want to do at least this. Thank you for all of your work.

“There have been so many players that came and went through KT, and I have lost in touch with some, but I want to take the time to thank them for getting along with me during my time there, and I’m sorry for not being able to tell them this. Of course you guys know how I feel even though I don’t  come out and say it right? I wish good fortune on whatever you wish to do in future, and I hope you guys keep in touch even after you move teams to hang out.

“Although I chose to leave KT due to some present differences of opinion, I’m very disappointed because I wanted to win one more time as a part of KT, and wanted to show the fans that, but I’m leaving without being able to, soI want to return to KT again if I get the chance no matter how many years later that might be. During my four years in KT, I don’t think I’ll be able to forget all the good and bad times I have had. I really thought I would stay in KT until I died. Even as I was packing up, I was thinking that I guess the time comes even for me to leave. Because I personally think that Ssumday was a faded, concerning figure that was in a love hate relationship with KT, I hope they find a great top laner and see the light one more time.

“I’m still kind of in disbelief about this whole situation, but I think I might cry when I finally realize I left a team that was very dear to me. Lastly I want to say something to the fans, and although I have a whole lot to say, I’ll just keep it short. To the fans who cheered for me, sent me encouraging messages, talked to me before or haven’t, I want to thank all of you. I also want to thank the fans who just keep me in a small part of their hearts. I’m also thankful for the fans who get energy through my simple task as a gamer, and I wanted to say that I always get more energy from the fans. And even though many don’t have the time to come meet me, I am sorry that I won’t be able to stay at my post whenever someone takes the time to see me on television or personally visit the team. I don’t know where I’ll be headed but if I do go overseas it’ll be difficult to follow my games or broadcasts, so please don’t feel sorry that you won’t be able to support me like you have done before because you can’t watch all of my games, since your feelings are enough. I am plenty thankful to the people who know that a person called Ssumday is out there and keep me in their thoughts. I hope you don’t forget me though because I’m a littler scared of being forgotten. Thank you so much until now and even into the future! I hope everyone keeps warm and don’t catch colds! I hope the fans also have good luck in whatever they do. I want all of you to do well in your endeavors. Fighting!

“Thank you for reading. I hope to see all of you soon with a smile on my face.”

CLARIFICATION: A part of a sentence of the translation was changed and italicized in order to better reflect the expressions of Ssumday’s post.


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