You Change or You Die

‘Chiu on this’ is a regular and short opinion blast

“You change or you die.” is a quote from Neil Gaiman’s comic Sandman.

It’s a great line depicting Sandman’s struggle with his own identity, but in a broader context I’ve always thought if it more as a line about the human condition. Living is dynamic. The people you meet, the experiences you have, the ideas you run into can have changes both to your character and the way you view the world. If you are unable to deal with these ideas, if you remain unmoved, the world will move past you while you stay at a standstill. If you can no longer change, if you can no longer learn, you may be metaphorically dead.

In specific esports examples that could be only casting one game your entire career and tethering your success to the longevicty of said game. For a player, it could be MarineKing. He spent his entire career making the exact same mistakes he did back in 2011 and he learned nothing, his only success post 2012 owed entirely to the meta which hid his weaknesses. For teams, it could be like CS:GO. EnVyUs refused to change after they were figured out by the rest of the teams until it was months toolate and they are still struggling to find a way to win a championship.


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