CJ Entus says good bye to it’s entire League of Legends roster

CJ Entus’ League of Legends team has been wiped clean to make anew.

The official announcement of CJ not re-signing it’s entire League of Legends team was made through their official Facebook on Wednesday in both Korean and English. In the post the team explained that they have chosen to do so to respect the players’ wishes.

“Respecting the opinions of the LoL team players, ‘MadLife’ Mingi Hong, ‘Shy’ Sangmyeon Park, ‘Untara’ Uijin Park, ‘Bubbling’ Junhyeong Park, ‘Haru’ Minseung Kang, ‘Bdd’ Boseong Kwak, ‘Sky’ Haneul Kim, ‘Kramer’ Jonghun Ha and ‘Ghost’ Yongjun Jang have terminated their contract under mutual agreement,” it reads. “We really appreciate all players for the dedication they’ve shown. We hope that they will have a bright future for the new challenge ahead.”

This news is followed by their disappointing 2016 summer split run during League Champions Korea, in which they have been relegated and will have to fight their way back through the promotional series to the regular split.

The fans are following the well known players, particularly MadLife, to see what team they choose to join in 2017, and what CJ has planned for the 2017 League Challengers Korea spring split.

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