Fan votes for players are usually dumb

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A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

There is a fan vote going on for player of the year in esports. It is between Infiltration, Hungrybox, Faker, ByuN and Coldzera. It is apparently decided by twitter voting. This is a dumb idea as it conflates two different ideas: who is the best player of the year and who is the most popular. A player from a less popular game could have more achievements relative to their game and lose out to a team or player who has worse. This happened last year in some vote where the 2nd or 3rd best CoD team won some award for best team of the year over Fnatic in CS:GO in 2015.

If the plan is to award and recognize excellence this is the wrong way to do it. All it’s doing is rewarding popularity, which is fine on its own, but will never be taken with much prestige or seriousness.

Of course there isn’t a problem as long as the fan vote acknowledges the conceit of it. That it’s supposed to be a popularity contest such as the Smash Summit or some of the votes ESL does for their tournament.


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