Jin Air’s TrAce announces retirement

Yeo “TrAce” Chang-dong, formerly of the Jin Air Green Wings, has announced his retirement.

TrAce made the announcement on his Facebook page Thursday and didn’t share any details as to his future plans.

“Hello, this is Jin Air’s former top laner TrAce (Yeo Chang-dong),” he wrote. “I have decided to end my career as a professional gamer this year, after starting it in the 2013 spring split. While I was approaching each year like it was going to be my last, it’s already 2016. I was considering writing down a lot of different things, but I thought that a long and heavy post would be boring so I write this small post since I still may be able to meet the fans from a different position. I want to thank the fans who have liked and cheered for Jin Air.”

As one of the oldest professional League of Legends pros in Korea, TrAce turned 27  last month, and he jokingly mentioned that he was “surprised how old (he) actually was” when his team started to accept trainees that were born in 1999 — a decade after he was born.

Most well known for his skills on Rengar and for his tendency to make unorthodox picks, such as Korea’s first top Alistar pick in 2014’s League Champions Korea summer split. He has been battling younger and more skilled talent despite his age and became known to always have a hidden card to shock his opponents. Despite his age, TrAce was a consistent player that was always respected by fans and other professional players.

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