Give Caps a chance

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Caps was recently signed onto Fnatic’s LoL team. Since then there have been private conversations leaked onto reddit and used to shame and either get him fired or banned from professional play. Ignoring the part about how that subreddit is acting in a hypocritical manner again, the users need to calm down.

Those who play this game competitively will always get more emotional and angry in ladder games. For them it is their job, their passion, their identity. In Caps case, he is just 17 and while I don’t buy the age argument as much as other people, it is the case that he likely still has a long way to go before learning how to curb his emotions in the game.

It’s fine to criticize him, but demanding his immediate banishment is too far. He’s here to play pro LoL, not be your idol. As I’m writing this, he’s already apologized.

It is easy to hate someone if you only see the worst 3 minutes of them from their life. No one will ever look good. He’s young, he made a mistake and he apologized. I’m no saying you should condone what he did, but at least give him the chance to redeem himself.

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