ELEAGUE GM says there are plans for a third season; not confirmed as CSGO

ELEAGUE has plans for a third season.

Speaking during media availability Friday ahead of ELEAGUE’s Season 2 semifinals, Christina Alejandre, vice president and general manager of ELEAGUE, said more news will be released soon.

“There are definitely plans for another season next year, and in the next couple of weeks and months we will give more details on that,” Alejandre told Slingshot.

What’s interesting beyond that was Alejandre’s answer to a question earlier in the interview about how she evaluates the success of ELEAGUE. One of the metrics she mentioned was the recognition of the ELEAGUE brand.

“I want people to tune in to ELEAGUE, not tune in to ELEAGUE Counter-Strike because it’s Counter-Strike,” Alejandre said. “I want them to say, ‘What’s the new season of ELEAGUE? What are they doing? What are the games they’re doing? Oh, it’s the ELEAGUE name, I have to tune in.’”

Alejandre’s quote isn’t a confirmation ELEAGUE will move away from Counter-Strike, but it certainly seems possible. An ELEAGUE spokesperson independently said they are exploring options but have not made a decision.

ELEAGUE has produced two seasons of Counter-Strike and will host a CS:GO Major next month in Atlanta. It also dabbled in Overwatch in September with the Overwatch Open, in partnership with FaceIt. Well-known Counter-Strike duo of Anders Blume and Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat, which has been part of the ELEAGUE team for both seasons, casted the tournament. Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico, an interviewer for ELEAGUE, was also an analyst for the Overwatch Open.

Cover photo courtesy of ELEAGUE

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