GorillA Addresses the Fake Immortals Jerseys

The now free agent support player Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyun has taken to twitter to address a joke made by a North American League of Legends team.

Earlier on Saturday, the North American team Immortals posted a picture of two player jerseys on it’s official Twitter, one with “GorillA” on the back and another one with “Piccaboo.” The tweet was posted without any context and fans were not sure whether or not this was a serious tweet.

Later GorillA also addressed the photo on Twitter, saying that they were fake and potentially could have caused major confusion in other teams through two tweets.

“The photo that IMT uploaded is fake,” he wrote. “I have no more business with them, but because of this incident it caused confusion in the teams I was in contact with so it doesn’t feel great. When I talk with teams I try my best so that we can both discuss under amicable conditions, but they made a joke at such a sensitive time.”

The tweet in question from the Immortals has been erased, but discussion has reached the front page of Reddit.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.

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