Kongdoo Monster keeps its roster for 2017

Among the crazy offseason roster shuffles, Kongdoo Monster will keep its roster intact.

Kongdoo announced its roster through Twitter, saying that all their players have chosen to stay with the team, as well as their new head coach Jang “MC” Min-chul.

The lineup is Kim “Roach” Kang-Hee in the top lane, Son “Punch” Min-hyuk in the jungle, Lee “Edge” Ho-seong in the mid lane, Seo “Ssol” Jin-sol as AD Carry, and Kim “GuGer” Do-yoep as the support and team captain.

The new head coach MC is known as the “Boss Toss” for his performance as a StarCraft 2 pro prior to his move to League of Legends as a head coach. Many fans have been excited to see just how he can transition from a different a game.

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