Entitlement of Fans

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I meant to do this one a while ago but forgot. If you hadn’t seen it, there was a tweet a while back between an artist and their fan.

Some fans are crazy and this is a more extreme example of what pervades through fandom. The idea that the fan in some sense has ownership over the celebrity they follow. Because they give the individual attention and consume their content, they think in some way they own that person. While I think it’s a terrible attitude, I get it. In the modern age of social media and internet, social interaction between the celebrity and a normal person makes it feel more common than ever. This is why when LD got mad at the r/dota sub for making Rich Jew jokes, he got angry. From his perspective he’s just having a bunch of randoms making racist jokes. From the subs point of view, they think it’s funny because they think they have a special relationship with LD in the same way that LD makes the “Merlini” jokes about Winter. But in actually, they don’t. LD’s relationship with Merlini and Winter spans years of personal interaction. His interaction with random redditors spans across minutes if he even remembers them by their different IDs. In the same sense, no fan is entitled to the time or attention of a person they like or follow. It’s great if they reach out, but don’t get butthurt if they don’t.


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