Samsung Galaxy to replace the ROX Tigers for IEM Gyeonggi

The ROX Tigers won’t be able to represent their own region for IEM Gyeonggi.

ESL made the official announcement through their website on Monday, while also adding J Team from Taiwan to the teams competing for IEM Gyeonggi. The announcement cited that “ROX have forfeited their seed after failing to submit a full roster by the agreed deadline,” although ESL did announce prior to this that ROX would be part of IEM Gyeonggi.

Samsung Galaxy has been one of the three Korean teams that competed in the 2016 League of Legends world championships and placed second. They are also one of the few Korean teams to retain most of their roster for the coming 2017 spring split.

J Team was formerly known as the Taipei Assassins, the season two world champions. One of the top teams in their region of Taiwan’s League of Legends Master series, they placed second in the summer split of 2016 and failed to qualify for worlds in the regional qualifier.


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