Kramer joins the Afreeca Freecs

The Afreeca Freecs are well on their way to a complete rebuild of it’s team.

The Freecs made an official announcement through Facebook that they have signed on former CJ Entus AD Carry Ha “Kramer” Jong-hoon for their 2017 roster on Tuesday. In the announcement, Afreeca said that although Kramer received many offers from overseas, but he decided to join Afreeca to stay in League Champions Korea in order to perform his best.

Kramer was one of the AD Carries that had the spotlight on him for his strong late game carrying style, but was mostly buried due to the fact that his team CJ Entus has been ailing all season until they were relegated. He also previously played on the Taiwanese team the Yoe Flash Wolves and competed in the 2015 world championships. Since his move to Korea, he was also acknowledged as the “Best new AD Carry” Award for the 2016 spring split.

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