Cody Sun joins the Immortals as the starting AD Carry

The Immortals adds a new face for Immortals fans as the starting AD Carry.

The announcement was made more in detail through the Immortals’ website on Thursday, which includes a small video package of Li “Cody Sun” Yu Sun’s addition to the team. The Immortal’s CEO Noah Winston mentioned in the video that the importance of “young blood on the team” impacted the final decision, while the strategic coach David “Hermes” Tu put some stock in the investment of new talent on the team as well.

Formerly known as Massacre in the challenger scene, Cody Sun was previously on Dream Team as the AD Carry, and will be replacing a comparatively seasoned Jason “Wildturtle” Tran, who has since moved to his old team TeamSoloMid.

Cody Sun has signed a two year contract with the Immortals.


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