Flame joins Immortals

One of the most popular top laners in the world has joined the North American team Immortals.

The announcement was made through Immortals’ official Youtube channel on Friday, featuring Lee “Flame” Ho-jong himself, as well as the CEO Noah Whinston, who emphasized that the Immortals was looking for a top laner who wasn’t “chasing the money,” but already knew who the Immortals were. Flame’s game knowledge and strategic mind also seems to be another attractive trait for the Immortals.

Flame made a name for himself as the star top laner of CJ Entus Blaze during the 2013 season, even being featured in the animated short produced by Riot Games, “Road to the Cup.” He has since left his home region of Korea in 2014 to play in China as part of LGD Gaming’s roster until he made a return to Korea in 2016 as one of Longzhu Gaming’s top lane talent.

Although he was not used many times during his time with Longzhu Gaming, he was still one of the most popular players on the team that many fans wanted to see perform.

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