Roundup of comical OGN interviews from League of Legends AllStars Part 2

I told you more was coming, didn’t I?


Spying on Faker?! Interview with Smeb Part 2!

Smeb: Of the top tier talent gathered here, who’s your favorite?

MadLife: Of course it has to be the pro MC here, Smeb.

Smeb: See, you don’t make AllStars this many times just on luck. He has a good eye.


Smeb: You got here with the most amount of fan votes ever.

Faker: Well I kind of expected it so, I hope the fans vote some more next time around.


Smeb: I kind of wanted to ask this personally, but, how does it feel to play with me on your team?

Faker: ….yeah you’re pretty good. [awkward clapping]


An interview with a returning KT Mata

Mata: I think the finals will be between me and Smeb. I think that it’ll be good if us KT members — [laugh break] — if the KT players go to the finals, so I’m planning to try my best and drag him around a bit.


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