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Jin Air players criticized for being toxic in solo queue

Jin Air's coach talked about the professional debut of Xayah and Rakan.
the Jin Air Green Wings coach talked about the professional debut of Xayah and Rakan in their League Champions Korea (LCK) summer split opener.

The bottom lane for the Jin Air Green Wings has been criticized by the Korean community for apparently toxic behavior caught by a streamer that was shared on Inven.

AD Carry Park “Teddy” Jin-seong and support Oh “Raise” Ji-hwan were seen in solo queue with an AfreecaTV streamer, who was playing jungle Teemo, an unorthodox pick for the role. At some point the streamer asked Raise if he was “impersonating” a Jin Air player, to which Raise replied with “why would I impersonate a pro player? I’m not retarded.”

As the game continued, Raise started to specifically point out the streamer’s unorthodox pick, as if to criticize the streamer for his choice in champion. When the streamer told the duo “not to play games with attitudes like that,” the AD Carry Teddy wrote, “how funny, do you know who you’re telling that to?”

The story soon became viral on the online community forum Inven with screenshots and explanations of the situations being seen as one of the most read posts. The community heavily criticized the two for a lack of professional mindsets, and also pointing out that the streamer is someone who made it to master tier playing nothing but jungle Teemo in an attempt to combat those who tried to justify the two players’ attitudes by claiming the streamer was a troll.

Later this incident would come to the attention of the head coach of Jin Air’s League of Legends team, Han Sang-yong, by way of a concerned fan of the Green Wings who would talk to the head coach about it through a Facebook message. In a separate Inven post, the screen capped response from the head coach said that both players “will be made into proper people through community service and education,” and that the incident has also reached to the Jin Air company as well.

The team has yet to make an official announcement or acknowledgement of the incident.


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