StarCraft legend FlaSh allegedly caught boosting on League of Legends stream; later deletes apology

StarCraft: Brood War legend Lee “FlaSh” Young-ho was allegedly caught boosting during a League of Legends stream.

FlaSh was streaming while playing on an account that is currently placed in Silver tier when one of the viewers asked him about his previous statements on being playing in Diamond tier on his original account. FlaSh responded that the account he was playing with “wasn’t his account,” and then that it was a “secondary account.”

Based on his inconsistent responses, the viewers started to accuse him of account boosting, the act of playing ranked games on another account holder to raise that person’s rank. After continued accusations, FlaSh said, “go ahead and report me, I don’t have to play League.”

The incident went viral on the League of Legends community on Inven, with videos and commentary flooding the forum. Many users heavily criticized FlaSh for his unprofessional conduct, saying that a former professional gamer should not have been so flippant on the rules of any game he is playing. Others said that his telling his viewers to report him was an admission of guilt.

FlaSh later uploaded an apology on his stream channel, saying that he “only thought boosting was when one receives money,” and because he didn’t play for payment, he “was so forward” about his conduct. He apologized to the viewers as well as promising an on-stream apology. His apology has since been removed.

FlaSh’s apology was met with lukewarm acceptance, as fans wrote that if FlaSh felt like he had to apologize if he really did nothing wrong. The excuse of a player who reached Diamond levels of play not knowing account boosting in the context of League of Legends was a hard buy, with a clash between those defending FlaSh for his “mistake” and those who are putting his professionalism into question.

Cover photo: Screenshot (via Fomos)


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