PEA vs Players Part 2

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SirScoots was selected to represent 25 players from the PEA organization who felt mistreated after the news came out that PEA was withdrawing all of the teams from ESL without any decision making from the players themselves. You can read the letter here. When push came to shove, the owners said it was in their contracts to compete where they said they could.

Jason Katz, commissioner of the league talked a big game about transparency and letting players have a voice in the league, yet we’ve seen none of it.  That he would be an unbiased party.

Later in the letter Jason Katz tells them “Things change.”

I don’t know about the inner workings of the PEA or how the economics of the entire thing works. But from an outsider stand point, nothing had changed. The commissioner only talked about being unbiased and impartial, he’s never shown an action that showed he ever was.

You can only judge a person both by what they say and how they follow through. He talked up himself to 100, but when the follow through came he was at 0. At least that’s what I’ve gotten out of this so far. Things could change if more information gets out.

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