Oversaturation and competition

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‘Chiu on This’ is a regular and short opinion blast

PEA released their letter to the recent controversy regarding players under PEA being forced out of playing EPL. After releasing the letter, a letter was written by Noah Winston clarifying their response. You can read it here.

The actions and words do not match. They want to solve over-saturation and they plan to do it by making another online league? From an outsider perspective, making another online league to combat over-saturation looks like digging another hole in the ground to stop global warming. Generally speaking, if you want to solve over-saturation you pull your teams out of the smaller events/online leagues. In this case PEA wanted to either integrate their league with EPL by taking over the NA division or completely force it out of the landscape.

I do understand where the confusion is coming from. If you look at this from a purely monetary perspective, it at least seems beneficial for the orgs, teams and players that are in that league, more so than EPL.

They missed a basic point, it was never monetary. If this new League had many of the best teams in the world, it would probably have been at least stomached. The problem is prestige, legacy, competition. More than money, a salary or benefits, players want to compete.

Former SC2 pro, QXC once said, “I’d rather be a small fish in an ocean than a big fish in a pond.” PEA for all of it’s monetary benefits is a small pond in the grand ocean of competition. There is nothing here to keep the blood pumping. From a fans (and likely players) perspective its an online league that leads into a weaker version of Northern Arena Lan. The money/production/viewers could be more, but was this why they came to play, why they became pro players?

P.S. Also it’s kinda weird they singled out WESA and EPL, but I think there is some multiyear deal with ECS.




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