Report: Faker’s salary is “comparable to the top level players in professional baseball (in Korea).”

One of Korea’s laregst newspapers, Joongang Daily, reported Friday the previously estimated 3 billion Korean won (over $2.5 million) salary of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok could be more realistic that previously thought.

Joongang Daily’s Kim Gyeong-mi’s report sites an anonymous source inside SK Telecom, who said that the company “offered (Faker) a salary comparable to the top level players in professional baseball players (in Korea),” but offered no numerical information.

The rest of the report uses older information from the Korean eSports Association, but the quote from the SKT inside source has been the most telling piece of evidence so far.

This reports follows up on a previous one made by Il-gan Sports‘ Kwon Oh-yong that cited an industry insider that estimated Faker’s pay to be over $2.5 million, but had no firm basis in this claim. Il-gan Sports also included a source from SKT as well, but the SKT insider only said “calculated (Faker’s) salary based on the global market.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games 

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