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Looper: “Echo Fox really seemed to need me. They signed me on after paying for the transfer fee, since I still had time left on my contract with RNG.”

Echo Fox’s new top laner Jang “Looper” Hyeong-seok said his new organization was willing to pay a transfer fee for the right to sign him in an interview with Fomos’ Park Sang-jin. Under such circumstances, Looper said he was fully committed in working with his new team.

“Echo Fox really seemed to need me,” he said. “They signed me on after paying for the transfer fee, since I still had time left on my contract with RNG. I think that I need to work harder because of that. I also want to learn some English. I was confident when I was still in school, but it got worse as I became a player. Since I am still confident in my skills as a player, I think it’s important to have communication with the team.”

Being somewhat on the old side for pro players at 23, Looper said that he got into League of Legends after he went to college, enough so that it put his academics in jeopardy.

“I was warned by my university three times for my slipping grades,” Looper said. “But I kept playing and got an offer from a team. I also think I’ve gotten my first world championship very quickly, but I didn’t expect my venture to foreign regions to come so soon.”

Looper has had a interesting journey during his career. Starting out as the top laner for Samsung White in 2014, he became a world champion, but after a lackluster season as part of Team M3 in 2015, he nearly retired.

“I considered retiring after 2015,” he said. “There was no offer from Team M3. Maybe it was because of the poor performance. I also didn’t get any offers from Korean teams, so when I was thinking of going back to school, Royal Never Give Up gave me an offer. I worked well with the team in 2016, and I did well with Poppy, a popular pick at the time. Whenever I played Poppy, we wouldn’t lose.”

With his journey now leading him to another foreign region, Looper said that it hasn’t been without disappointments, but he hopes to impress the fans.

“I moved from Korea, to China, and now North America, and I thank the fans who have cheered for me the entire journey,” he said. “My time in China wasn’t easy, but I was able to spend it well thanks to the fans in China. It was disappointing to say ‘Goodbye,’ and I hope to see them again when I get the chance. And please cheer for me in America as well.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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