Dignitas and North second take

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Today it was announced that the Danish (+one Norwegian) line was officially picked up by FC Copenhagen. They plan to run some tournaments in their stadium and have re-branded the team as North.

This puts an interesting retrospective on the split between Dignitas and the team. At the time it was surprising because Dignitas was recently acquired by the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers. The most likely scenario is that Copenhagen offered more money than Dignitas. Both are theoretically rich orgs (I don’t follow either NBA or soccer, so I can’t say anything about their finances), but even without that information we can tell a little bit about the intentions of the orgs.

Both think that CS:GO has a profitable future ahead that is worth investing into in order to gain whatever exposure back from the scene. The question then becomes how much they think it will give back. It’s hard to know whether or not this was a good or bad move from either side without knowing more, but in terms of teams, Copenhagen got one of the best in the world while Dignitas will be scrounging in NA, a scene packed with teams already scraping through the bottom tiers of competition.

For all we know, Dignitas could have equaled or even paid more than Copenhagen, but Copenhagen could have meant more because it was a Danish org. They even offered to give them their own team name and setup live CS:GO tournaments in a stadium.

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