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Bang: “After winning the last world championship, I thought, ‘A team like this won’t appear again.'”

Two-time world champion Bae “Bang” Jun-sik is still hungry to win, it appears.

Bang, AD Carry for SK Telecom T1, said in an interview with Daily eSports Lee Yun-ji that it hasn’t been difficult to stay motivated, even after coming off another League of Legends World Championship victory in October.

“After winning the last world championship, I thought, ‘A team like this won’t appear again,'” Bang said. “But as the spring split (has begun), I started to think we don’t have enough tournament wins. I will work hard and become victorious.”

The comment showed a lack of complacency, as even with the two titles Bang has already won, he said that he’s still looking out for every team in League Champion Korea.

“League of Legends is a game where good players tend to stay consistent, but it still remains to be seen,” he said. “Even teams that aren’t seen as strong right now can perform well.”

Bang also is aware that SK Telecom T1 is still the team to beat in Korea but said he’s “confident” against any challenger to SKT.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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