Expession: “I think the (jungle) itself need to be nerfed.”

Longzhu’s top laner Gu “Expession” Bon-taek said in a video interview with Daily eSports that the jungling role has had its day in the sun when he was asked about champions he wanted to be nerfed.

“I think Camille needs to get nerfed, and rather than nerfing jungle champions, I think the role itself should be nerfed,” he said, laughing.

On the topic of the new champion Camille, he didn’t mince words about his opinions about her, either.

“I played (Camille) a bit, and I have a feeling that she should have never been created,” he said. “I think she’s that good.”

Expession also talked briefly about his famously ridiculous practice schedule and admitted to playing until the early hours of the morning — at least.

“I practice until about 3 in the morning and I go to bed, but I get this feeling that I’m doing something wrong,” he said. “I think that there is that type of atmosphere.”

Despite the difficulties in 2016, Expession remains hopeful for the new season.

“We haven’t been a team for long and there are some parts where we don’t mesh perfectly,” he said. “But if we work through the difficulties and try our best, we are a team that can do well. I think we’ll do well if we try hard.”

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