Blizzard denies PEA Overwatch license

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Richard Lewis recently reported that the Professional Esports Association had tried to organize a tournament for Overwatch but was denied a license by Blizzard. While many rejoiced at the news, I wasn’t so certain. The essential problem with PEA in Counter-Strike was over-saturation and exclusivity. The over-saturation was a bit overblown in CS:GO, as the idea was to not create a new league, but to replace an existing one. Exclusivity was always dangerous, but it’s not like ESL/WESA didn’t try the same thing in the past.

Those problems don’t exist in Overwatch. There aren’t many tournaments going on right now. The only confirmed one we have is the Overwatch League sometime later this year. So there’s no problem with over-saturation. And exclusivity will never be a problem as that is decided by Blizzard as they are hands-on with their IP. If PEA tried something they didn’t want, they’d revoke the license.

So why reject the license? I’m not sure, maybe Blizzard is trying to push out endemic teams for NBA teams? But it’s not like NBA teams are trying to run a league (as far as I know). This was a baffling decision and is another addition to this weird opposite scenario that the Blizzard Overwatch team is running.

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