Faker: “I foresee that going overseas can be a good opportunity for me in the future. However, right now is not that time.”

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok said in an interview with Sports Seoul’s Kim Jin-wook that he can foresee himself going to a foreign team in the future, but not quite yet.

“I think that going overseas can be a good opportunity for me in the future,” he said. “However, right now is not that time. I still have a lot I wish to accomplish. In order to do that, I want to continue to play in an environment where many good players exist and (it) allows me to focus on the game, rather than going to China or overseas.”

The world’s best also expects the 2017 season to be one of the most competitive. The only clear question to him is who he will face at the end.

“2015-2016 didn’t have a lot of teams one would consider strong ones,” he said. “However, this season it will be different. I think it’ll be reminiscent of 2014, where teams were neck and neck. The fans should have fun. I think KT in particular will be a difficult opponent. They acquired many good players during the offseason, and I think they’ll be the most likely (team) we’ll face in the finals.”

Among the big-picture goals of winning yet another League of Legends World Championship, Faker also indicated that he had some smaller personal hopes for the upcoming season.

“(My goal is) to win worlds,” he said. “I also want to show individually good performances. I think I need to be more mature this season, both in my play style and my personality. I am often late to things, and I want to start by fixing small things like that.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games

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