Riot Games adjusts spring NA LCS schedule on website to reflect IEM Katowice

The League of Legends schedule for IEM Katowice was in conflict with Week 6 of the North American League Championship Series as recently as Tuesday morning.

The schedule for IEM Katowice, which runs Feb. 22-26, was released Friday, with matches running through the weekend. The schedule for the North American LCS, as originally posted on the lolesports website, listed Week 6 games to take place during the same weekend.


Slingshot contacted Riot Games Tuesday morning about the discrepancy, and upon receiving response noticed the schedule had been changed. Week 6 will now take place March 3-5, and the regular season will conclude March 24-26 after initially being listed as March 17-19.

For reference, last year’s North American LCS also took a week break for IEM Katowice, which included two North American teams and was won by SK Telecom T1. This year’s field will also include eight teams, though none of the participants have been announced.

The European LCS schedule, which went live Tuesday afternoon, reflects a gap for IEM Katowice. Week 5 is Feb. 16-18 and Week 6 is March 2-4

Cover photo by Vince Nairn

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