BBQ Olivers say rebranded ESC Ever logo reflects “the tenacity, bravery and fighting spirit of a rooster.”

League of Legends team ESC Ever recently revealed a new sponsor, Lovely BBQ, a global food chain that sells fried chicken. With the new sponsorship, ESC Ever rebranded its team name to the BBQ Olivers and logo to a black hen wearing a battle helmet.

Change in itself isn’t weird. Teams adjust names and logos in reflection of their sponsor all the time, but this might be the most ridiculous explanation for a change that we’ve ever heard.

During a press conference, Lovely BBQ said that the logo is supposed to reflect “the tenacity, bravery and fighting spirit of a rooster.”

It’s one thing to come up with an absurd logo. It’s another to double down on it with an equally whacky explanation, which is exactly what Lovely BBQ did. It will be interesting, if nothing else, to see that among the list of logos when League Champions Korea starts next week.

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