Echo Fox buys FGC players

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Last week Echo Fox announced it was buying FGC players. Among them were Justin Wong, Tokido, Momochi, Chocoblanka, Sonix Fox, Scar and MKLeo. If I had to guess, Echo Fox is trying to buy legacy. This seems to mirror what they say in their announcement, as they want to be a premier esports club, and to do that they need champions. It’s an interesting move, as their attempts to try to win in League of Legends and Counter-Strike have been met with futility.

In League, they got screwed over by the visa issues. This year they’ve picked up Looper, something I’m unsure of as the one time he played without Mata he went to the trash can. Although the idea could be to leave Looper on an island and then hook up with the team later.

As for CS:GO, their great achievements have all been getting bodied out of the server. They still have yet to announce a new roster since the previous one disbanded, but given how high salaries are going up and with so many teams trying to buy NA players, this seems much less likely to work out.


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