Blizzard has caught more than 10,000 Overwatch cheaters in Korea this month

Blizzard MLG Overwatch

Blizzard announced Wednesday on the official Korean Overwatch forum that it caught more than 10,000 accounts using illegal helping software in the game over the course of a couple of days in January.

Blizzard Korea has been under fire by the Overwatch community for the rampant usage of hacking software that ranges from aim bots and map hacks to “nuking” the opponents’ connection and increasing their ping. With prominent streamers and pros regularly encountering hacking players, Blizzard had been quiet for some time about how it planned to curb the flow of cheaters.

Since June, Blizzard Korea has been keeping a tabulation of the number of hacking accounts, updating the number after each wave. According to Wednesday’s announcement, Blizzard banned 10,598 accounts so far in the month of January alone. The most recent wave between January 6-11 accounted for 7,038 of those.

This shows Blizzard taking action against rampant hacking, but it also reflects the alarming number of hackers in the game in the Korean server since the game’s release.

Some users are also object to the fact that Blizzard has yet to announce the implementation of various anti-hack measures, or that there is still a high number of hackers left in the game. It remains to be seen if Blizzard will officially introduce any new counter measures.


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