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Riot fines Umti, four LCK coaches and orders them to complete community service for saying bad words

LCK final
Tickets for the LCK final sold out in a day

After a review of in-game conduct of coaches and players who are part of 2017’s League Champions Korea, Riot Games announced Friday that four coaches and one player have been fined and ordered community service for using harsh language.

Afreeca Freecs head coach Choi “iloveoov” Yeon-sung and assistant coach Cho Gye-hyun, Samsung Galaxy coach Joo Young-dal, and Jin Air Green Wings coach Cheon Jung-hee and jungler Um “Umti” Sung-hyeon were all fined 500,000 won (about $425) and given 20 hours of community service each.

The conduct review is done by Riot Games in partnership with the Korean e-Sports Association, and they looked over the chat history of all the participating members of the LCK. The time period for this particular review was not specified.

The announcement clarified that the punishments for these infractions can go as far as a 10-month suspension, 500,000 won fine, and 250 hours of community service.


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