SSG Haru says “it was the original plan” for Ambition to sit out Game 2 of LCK opener

Samsung Galaxy took down Longzhu Gaming in a 2-1 comeback victory to open its League Champions Korea season, and new jungler Kang “Haru” Min-seung was a part of both victories. In an interview with Daily eSports’ Nam Yun-seong, he gave a glimpse at Samsung’s plan for now.

“Ambition (Kang Chan-Yong) was set to play in Game 1, and it was the original plan for me to play in Game 2 on the blue side,” he said.

When asked why that was the case, Haru replied that he couldn’t share it because “it’s a team strategy.”

As the only new face of Samsung Galaxy, a team that retained most of its 2016 roster, Haru confessed to some nerves, but the match worked out well for Samsung in the end.

“I was very nervous, but I worked to play like I usually do, and I think we won because of that,” he said.

There was a brief moment when Longzhu managed to push back against Samsung’s rampage of Longzhu’s base, but Haru said he had no problems recovering.

“I was thinking ‘Are we going to lose this?’ but I wasn’t too nervous since we took down all of their inhibitors,” he said. “We did give away Baron twice, but Longhzu strained too much in getting them.”

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