BBQ Olivers’ Tempt on mid lane match ups: “I think I have a solid chance as long as I don’t face Faker.”

The BBQ Olivers’ mid laner Kang “Tempt” Myeong-gu said in an interview with Fomos’ Choi Min-sook that Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is the only opponent he’s worried about, as the Olivers will be facing KT Rolster next.

“Although KT is called a ‘super team,’ I think there’s a chance if we work hard,” he said. “I think I have a solid chance as long as I don’t face Faker.”

Tempt is also the first player to record a pentakill for League Championship Korea’s 2017 season, which he did in Wednesday’s season opener against MVP as Taliyah. According to Tempt, the pentakill was all confidence.

“I’m the most confident as her, and I practiced her a lot,” he said. “When we were fighting, the older players told me to back off, but I said we should keep fighting because I was confident in my strength at the moment. It feels good because it’s my first pentakill in the LCK and the first pentakill of this year.”

Tempt was also the player who dealt the most amount of damage as LeBlanc, recording over 26K damage, carrying his team to victory. Apart from his skill, Tempt also attributed some of the success to the champion herself.

“Even in scrims when I play LeBlanc, I almost never lost,” he said. “So I thought we would win when I was able to pick her. Right now, LeBlanc is so good she needs to be banned.”

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