My coverage leading up to the ELEAGUE Major

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I’ve found it is easier to have a kind of master list for articles related to a Major. Doubly so in this case as I’ve written articles the last few weeks leading up to the Major. So here is a list of articles I’ve written for it. I’ve also added what teams are covered in each:

The Danish Major (Astralis, North, FaZe/TL)

Liquid Tempest (TL)

Effects of the Valve Coaching rule (Na`Vi, mouz, TL, Gambit, FaZe)

Life, Death and Rebirth: The Art of Virtus.Pro (VP)

Hibernation is over (Na’Vi)

The Rise and Fall of the Fnatic Empire (Fnatic/GodSent)

The superstar conundrum (s1mple/NiKo)

Building the Green Wall (OpTic)

Basic ways to model and analyze CS:GO

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