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Froggen on adding Looper: “I was obviously excited. He’s been to pretty much every single worlds since he’s been playing on pro teams.”

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim caught up with Echo Fox’s Henrik “Froggen” Hansen after Echo Fox’s season-opening match in the North American League of Legends Championship Series on Friday.

Andrew Kim: It seemed like Echo Fox had the lead from the early to mid game but Phoenix 1 successfully beat you guys back was able to win both games. What was the team communication like during them?

Henrik “Froggen” Hansen: I actually think the team communication around it was alright. It’s hard to really say without having the replay with the voice comms, but the communication throughout the games was pretty good.

AK: One of the big news items for this season was Jang “Looper” Hyeong-seok as the top lane. How did you feel hearing that?

HH: I was obviously excited. He’s been to pretty much every single worlds since he’s been playing on pro teams. Besides that, he’s been working really hard and he learns English really fast. So I was really excited about it and just interacting with him and being around him, and just seeing how he is as a person is really awesome.

AK: Would you say that there are still a lot of communicative things you have to work with Looper? How much time do you think he’ll need?

HH: I’m not sure how much time he needs, I mean, it takes as long as it takes, right? But he’s improving every single day, and that’s a good sign. Obviously he’s not gonna know every single word yet, but I’ll say with this improvement, I’m really happy so far.

AK: Game 2’s picks and bans were interesting. You pulled out the Anivia pick and Looper pulled out the Singed pick with the Samsung Galaxy skin as well. What was the conversation like during the drafting phase? Did you guys have a specific composition ready or was it more going with comfort picks?

HH: No. Through the draft, I mean, we’re gonna draft what we think is the best for the situation, and what we kinda want to, and it’s pretty much what we did — what’s been working. But so far, yeah. Obviously, it’s been a little bit more special picks than you might see elsewhere, but I think our draft went pretty much just how we wanted it.

AK: What were some of the things you wanted to work on since last season? It was kind of a topsy-turvy season for Echo Fox

HH: Well, as a team obviously we have three new players, that wasn’t on Echo Fox last season, so there’s nothing. I don’t think there was much we took from the last split where we went 1-17, and then going into the next one. Same as before, we’re a team, we always stick together, we have each other’s back, all those things just kind of build us up into a team. So that’s what we’re working on right now, and it’s going good so far.

AK: You’ve been a pro player for quite some time, and one of the things a lot of players notice are health complications, in regards to backs, wrists, necks, shoulders, etc. Have you experienced any discomfort or pain in any body part as you became a professional player?

HH: No. I haven’t experienced anything. If anything, I feel better than I do throughout all the other seasons, because last season I started working out, I put on some more weight, so, I actually look pretty healthy right now, and everything is going great.

AK: You have a very large following and you command a very large number of fans. What is something you want to tell the fans that you are working, something you want to show the fans?

HH: I mean, my goal is to make the team great, right? I mean, it’s my own goal and it’s also like, good for the fans to make the team great, so, I think we’re all in the same boat. Thank you guys for following me, and supporting me.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games