ELEAGUE Major thoughts through three days

“Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

I’ll just write up some reactions to the first few days and what I’m thinking.

Na`Vi has dominated the field and many are pegging them as the tournament favorites. Where I can see where they’re coming from. Flamie/s1mple are destroying everything and GuardiaN only having to show up some of the time and they outclass every other team here in firepower. On the other hand we lack information, specifically about their map pool (we’ve only seen cobble/dust2) and their T-sides.

I had North pegged as a favorite going into the event, but so far they’ve underwhelmed and seem be falling under the pressure.

I don’t think fox was a great CS:GO player to begin with, but it’s even worse on SK because he has anti-synergy with the team and roles. In the old SK line-up they had a triple threat with Cold, FalleN and fer with Cold being there for certain and FalleN and fer being less consistent. Right now it’s just a two-man show with Cold and fer, but fer won’t show up every time. That’s what happened in the Na`Vi game.

Liquid’s ability to do Liquid things throughout all of the iterations of their line-up is kind of amazing in itself.

After a day 1 miracle, GodSent are in disaster mode.

The most impressive players 3 day in are Snax, EliGE and Flamie. Shox and s1mple close behind.

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