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Moon on FlyQuest: “We didn’t have computers (for practice) or anything, so we weren’t really expecting much this first week.”

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim talked to FlyQuest’s Galen “Moon” Holgate about the team’s 2-0 start in the League of Legends Championship Series and joining a new organization.

Andrew Kim: Congratulations for your victory over Team Liquid. What was it like to go through this situation of “We might lose this” to “We actually won?”

Galen “Moon” Holgate: Game 1 was pretty tilting for everybody. I kind of just felt like playing Kindred, and my team had confidence in me, better picks were available but I still want to try it out, and it was a super frustrating game because we couldn’t deal with their split pushing, they had double TP. They had double and we only had one TP, and our Maokai couldn’t deal with Fiora, so it was super hard for us to do anything, and we pretty much had no engage to our four players, so it was just frustrating. As soon as it goes to late game, they pretty much win.

AK: What was the turning point in the second game where you (won handily)? Did something click?

GH: So Game 1, they had split push pressure with Fiora versus Maokai. After that, we just started banning Fiora. I think once it was tanks versus tanks top, our top lane would win, our mid lane would win, and our bot lane would win or go even in pressure. And Reignover (Kim Ui-Jin) is really good, but all he was doing in those games is farming. He would get a really big farming advantage over me by doing pretty good routes and stuff like that, but he wasn’t pressuring lanes, and our lanes were winning, so as soon as we started team fighting we would just win the game.

AK:How do you find this current meta fitting your play style in the jungle?

GH: I’m not a huge fan of this meta. I think of the five or six really good junglers, it’s like Rengar, Rek’Sai, Lee Sin, Kha Zix, Elise, Olaf? Those are the six and I think I’m only good at two or three of those. Two or three of those are my champions. I think my meta is more like Nidalee, Kindred. I’m really good at those types of champions who can control the early game a little bit more. I think this meta is really good for carry junglers, and that’s why a lot of junglers are looking good right now. All the junglers have early games and can carry games.

AK: Fly Quest has been under some criticism leading to the start of the season. You showed up all of those arguments today by defeating Team Liquid. Did you find those negative evaluations being a source of pressure?

GH: It didn’t pressure me at all. The lower expectations people have for you, it’s less pressure almost, because people don’t expect anything out of you. We were doing pretty poorly in scrims. We didn’t have computers (for practice) or anything, so we weren’t really expecting much this first week. To go 2-0 is really good for our momentum. I don’t feel any pressure for these games, to be honest.

AK: What was something that you were looking forward to as you knew that you’ll be sponsored by the Milwaukee Bucks? Were you looking forward to something in particular?

GH: I joined the team really late, so I pretty much signed my contract the day of the deadline. I didn’t really care about who’s owning the team. I was like, “Nice I’m on a team. I’m on a fucking good team that has a lot of experience, and I can shine on this team.” I couldn’t care less who actually owns the team or is funding the team.

AK: Have you experienced any pain related to gaming? If you are, how are you dealing with it? If not, what are you doing to prevent it?

GH: Sometimes I’ll get wrist pain, but it generally depends on how I’m sitting. I feel like if my elbows are below the desk or even with the desk I get wrist pain but if my elbows are above the desk, it’s fine. Sometimes I get finger pain from clicking, and doing keyboard too much but I find that if I have a stress ball, something I can squeeze and put pressure on my fingers. It helps a lot releasing that pain, I guess? Not making it nearly as bad. If I’m playing a shit ton, like 16 games a day everyday and I don’t have something that I can squeeze, my fingers will start hurting so bad that I can’t play. But I don’t know anyone else with that problem.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games