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Ryu: “I recommended Arrow to the team.”

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim talked to Phoenix1’s Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook (in Korean and translated to English) after P1 opened the season with a win against Echo Fox on Friday at the North American League Championship Series.

Andrew Kim: Congrats on your first win. What are your thoughts?

Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook: It feels good to win my first game after moving to North America.

AK: In a past interview, Arrow (No Dong-hyeon) said that he moved into Phoenix 1 with you “as a set.” Can you elaborate on what that means?

RSW: We didn’t plan to join P1 together. I was still debating whether or not to renew my contract with H2K, and I was also thinking of moving to North America or China. Not a lot of NA teams were looking for a mid laner. So while thinking about it, I decided to join P1, and I heard they were also looking for an AD Carry, so while they were looking, I noticed Arrow was looking for a team too, so we joined the same team.

AK: Do you mean you connected the team with Arrow?

RSW: Rather than connecting the two, I recommended Arrow to the team.

AK: Both games (Friday) were interesting; Echo Fox seemed to have the lead in the early game, but you came around to win both times. How was the team atmosphere during the games today?

RSW: I didn’t think we’d lose when we started. Maybe because of that thought, I died early. The second time I died, I died just like I did against Samsung Galaxy during worlds last year. I knew the enemy would be after me, so I wanted to bait them but there was some miscommunication with the jungle. I told him to come but he seemed to have other thoughts so I kind of died in the middle of that. Despite that, I thought we would win.

AK: A lot of Korean pros have come out and said that they find another Korean player that they can move with when considering changing teams. Have you also felt that it would be nice to move with another Korean player when you were moving teams?

RSW: Synergy between the mid lane and jungler is very important, so I was planning on moving with a jungler. But there weren’t any teams looking for a jungler and a mid laner. It was either just mid or just jungle. So I gave that up mid way.

AK: Did you have a close relationship with Arrow prior to P1?

RSW: I knew him when we were both in KT. We were on different teams, but we knew each other.

AK: Did you keep an eye out for his performance or were you too busy with your own?

RSW: I try to watch other competitions often, so I often watched KT’s games.

AK: How did you evaluate Arrow’s skill across 2015 to 2016?

RSW: I think he’s a consistent player. He doesn’t make super plays, but he’s always been consistent in that he doesn’t drag the team down.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games