Dupreeh: “What is great for us this time is that we didn’t peak in groups but we are about to peak in playoffs.” (w/ press conference video)

Astralis beat Natus Vincere 2-1 (16-7, 14-16, 16-10) in the quarterfinals Friday of the ELEAGUE Major. Afterward, the players had a short news conference with members of the working media. You can watch the full video below, and here are a couple of the highlights:

Lukas “Gla1ve” Rossander on Astralis’ progress: It has been a short journey us, it’s only three months since I joined the team and we’re already achieving really big results. The team chemistry is really amazing even though we are losing…on mirage, we’re pumping each other up like ‘this is going to be well, let’s do the next map.’ So I think team chemistry is helping us a lot and I think we’re preparing really well for the games as well, and it’s just amazing to play with these guys.

Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann on peaking at the right time: Na’Vi played really well in the group stages. I think everyone can remember when we did that back as TSM and also as Dignitas. We kept destroying everyone in groups, so what is great for us this time is that we didn’t peak in groups but we are about to peak in playoffs, which is really great for us. So that’s what we’re aiming for and going up against Na’Vi is always – -no matter when we play Na’Vi, it’s always close games because they are a super good team, but today we were just better.

Cover photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE

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