TaZ on playing through adversity: “For us, we are lucky that we had China, and China really showed us.”

Virtus.Pro defeated North 2-1 in the third quarterfinal match Friday of the ELEAGU Major. Afterward, they talked to members of the media. You can watch the full video below, and here are some of the highlights:

Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas on facing an “inexperienced” North team: I don’t think they lack experience. They won EPICENTER. They lost the first map against (us) at EPICENTER very badly and they came back and won; they crushed us on two maps. I think if we would lose this game, it would be like, what experience gives us. But I think the most important thing is that this is the Major, this is extremely big for everyone, so maybe you can crumble a bit when things are not going your way. But for us, we are lucky that we had China, and China really showed us.

Jakub “kuben” Gurczyński on the World Esports Games: What we learned in China is that experience, sometimes it doesn’t give you an advantage, but it’s the opposite. And you could see when North was playing on CT, maybe they are not as experienced as we are, but they just roll over us on CT. We couldn’t do anything, and we didn’t have a plan what to do, we just won the rounds when we play standard, and let’s go and kill them.

TaZ on experience vs. inexperience: I think in CS:GO, inexperience helps more than being experienced because when you’re experienced, you’re doing really stupid moves or aggressive moves, and most of the time at big events it can catch teams (off guard). When you’re experienced, you get angry or mad if you die from a stupid play.

Cover photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE


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