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Dupreeh on overcoming past Major struggles and what makes gla1ve a good in-game leader

Slingshot’s Vince Nairn caught up with Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann after Astralis won the ELEAGUE Major by defeating 2-1 (12-16, 16-14, 16-14) in Sunday’s thrilling grand final.

Vince Nairn: How do you put into words of the moment when you realized this was really happening?

Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann: I think it’s a little bit like (Saturday) when we won against Fnatic. I didn’t realize we reached the grand final, and now we won it. I think it’s still gonna happen. I’m going to be realizing it at some point that we actually won.  It’s insane right now. I just remember when I didn’t even pay attention to the confetti and everything when we won. I just had one thing on my mind. When I got that last kill, I pulled everything out of my ears, everything off. And I just jumped to Zonic and hugged him, and then I fell on the floor crying. I remember everyone rushing stage, but I can’t remember what happened (after that), to be honest.

VN: What is it about gla1ve that makes him such a good in-game leader?

PR: We believe in him. That’s the main thing. He has a lot of great strategies and mid-round calls. He’s a really good fragger at the same time, so he’s really a stable player in many ways. I wouldn’t say he’s a role model, but he has so many good qualities as a player and an in-game leader that he’s very easy to look up to. The confidence he brings to the team, when he says, “I know exactly how to call that. Just listen to me, and we’re going to win this match.” That’s what he says, and you’re like, “Sure. Let’s do that.”

VN: When it got to 13-7 on that last map, that’s a situation where many times in past iterations, you guys might have just folded. But when you guys started to get one or two rounds, did you guys sense you could make the comeback?

PR: We just kept saying “Good job,” or whatever. Don’t look at the score. Just one round at a time. We took one round at a time, and when people started hitting their shots, we really rolled on our momentum. On 14-14, gla1ve made this insane call. We were going to rush on site because that’s a tactic we hadn’t used yet, and that caught them completely off guard. And then, in the 15-14 round, we ran a strat we hadn’t run at all, either.

VN: Dev1ce said he thinks you guys haven’t even reached a peak yet. Do you feel the same way? If so, how much better can you realistically get?

PR: We still have maps to work on. We came into this Major being able to play pretty much all seven maps, but obviously, it’s still (not 100 percent). For example, when we play VP, they are a better Nuke team than we are, and we knew that from the beginning. But since we got Overpass and Train in our map pools, which is the two best maps for us, then we knew we had a really good shot. Obviously we still have maps to work on to become even better. As for ECS, that’s where we played really well. That’s where we piqued in many ways. We had sparks of where we piqued, where this tournament, we lost tremendous amounts of force ups and eco rounds, which have been really tough for us.

VN: I asked dev1ce the same question, but for you too: How does this moment validate or make up for all the struggles you had along your career?

PR: It’s worth it all. I don’t really know what to say. It’s just worth it all. The amount of time we put into this Major and the progression we took on mentally is just huge for us.

VN: Likewise, in the past couple LANs you played, you’ve beaten OpTic, SK, Na’Vi, VP. Do you feel like you have made a pretty strong statement about who is the best team in the world?

PR: Right now, no one can take away that we’re the best team in the world. We were the best team in the world prior to the Major as well. We came into the Major as favorites. We ended it as favorites, and we’re gonna be the best team in the world for at least some time now. But then again, we’re not gonna take anything for granted. We’re gonna keep working hard. We’re gonna keep bootcamping and improving because we know that we can still become so much better than we are right now.

VN: What did you think of this Major in general? Whether it was from how many people watched the final or just overall takeaways from the Major as a whole?

PR: First of all, people calling it the best final ever. People also saying we had 1.1 million viewers and broke the record of Twitch. Pretty insane. The viewership of a Major piqued. Both us and Virtus.Pro gave each other a run for their money. It was an insane final. I’m sure the crowd and everyone watching enjoyed it as much. We didn’t see super duper insane jump AWPs or people doing other crazy stuff, but we still gave each other a hell of a lot.

Cover photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE