The NA Option

‘Chiu on this’ is a short and regular opinion blast.

During the Major, it was announced that oskar was to be back on the main lineup of Mouz and ChrisJ was out. This is surprising when you consider that ChrisJ was playing well, while denis and spiidi have not been. While I understand that denis and spiidi were playing support roles, at this point in their roster, I think it’s a better gamble to kick one of them and have ChrisJ play support rifler.

Either way, the die has been cast, so where can ChrisJ go? When you look at the field in general, there isn’t any place for another AWPer in any of the teams, and the Dutch scene isn’t particularly large enough for a Dutch stack.

If this was only 1-2 years ago, he’d be forced to start at the bottom again, much like what Ex6Tenz was forced to do. But unlike Ex6Tenz, his English is good, so he can take the NA option. With more and more sports teams investing in NA CS:GO, they are already scraping the bottom of the barrel for talent, in which case a free agent like ChrisJ could make his fortune by moving to NA. We’ve seen similar moves from mixwell, Pimp and many others. NA has the money. EU has the talent.

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