Attacking the person rather than the argument

‘Chiu on this’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Froggen recently revealed that LCS teams were refusing scrims with Echo Fox. MonteCristo, former LoL team owner described what he thought was a possible scenario as to why Echo Fox was being refused scrims. The reaction to his plausible explanation were met with incredulity. Not because it didn’t come from a credible source (Monte did own a LCS team and did work with these teams for a period of time). Not because of any logic. But because he was MonteCristo.

When talking about MonteCristo, League of Legends people seem to believe he has some agenda against them and Riot Games. Thus entire threads are tainted with this thought, but the problem is no one is addressing the argument in and of itself. Saying he is biased doesn’t say anything about the explanation he is putting forth.

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